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Motivational Monday #16

Holy crap, is it really February already? Where did January go??? I’m thinking that being in Mexico for a whole week and then being sick (and still suffering) probably doesn’t help.

And that leads me to why I was gone all of last week. While in Mexico, I caught something that was just absolutely nasty. Not quite sure of what it was but it is still lingering, unfortunately. Between the extremely sore throat, wooziness, shortness of breath, and lack of appetite I haven’t had much energy to do anything! But I’m back now and that’s what matters!

So in order to get back into the swing of things, lets get onto Motivational Monday.

Although I wanted to really live up to this quote in Mexico, my body was just not having it. But since getting back, I have really thought about worrying less and living more. At times I find myself worrying about certain things and letting that ‘cramp my style’. It is really hard to go with the flow when you don’t know the outcome. That is my challenge for myself as well as for you this week. When you find yourself worrying about something and realize that it is too ‘cramping your style’, embrace it. Find ways to get your mind off of those things or better ways to think about them. Who knows what the outcome will be if you stop worrying by just a little bit.

*Come back on Wednesday for a special look at my project 365 while in Mexico…and the last couple of missed days–Darn sickness!*

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