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Motivational Monday #14

Hello all! Welcome to another (motivational) Monday! As the time gets closer for our trip to Cancun (wahooooo :)), I tried on some clothes last night.These clothes were the exact ones I wore last year when we made the trip to Puerto Vallarta. Guess what? They DO NOT fit at all and by that I mean, they are so tight its like my legs are being suffocated by the shorts 🙁 I can not tell you how my mood changed and how the negative body image and self talk in my head started immediately.

I found this quote this morning, and it really made me think. Losing weight is all about decisions. But guess what? So is everything else. 
This quote is not only about losing weight. This quote is about loving yourself enough that you want to put 110% into everything that you do. That you take pride in the job that you have and the hard work that you have accomplished. That you work harder because you want to be a better version of yourself. This week and next, this will be my background on my phone. 
As you go about your week, this about this quote. With it being the beginning of the new year, its a great time to change some things that you may have wanted to change for some time!

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