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Motivational Monday #4

So here goes nothing to a brand new week! As many changes are happening in mine and Bill’s life (changes to be announced soon :)), it is very hard to take some time and really thing about life. This last weekend I was fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend (extra day off for being great at work…woohoo!). It really gave me time to sit around and think about life and the amazing things that come our way.


As I was Pinteresting (being engaged = LOTS of Pinterest!) I found this quote. I found Bill and I actually saying a version of #2 this weekend. Our version: The worst they can say is no.

The three rules above are very true. There are many times in life that we get caught up with everything else that we never take time to actually think about where we are going and where we actually want to go. When you are sitting around thinking or trying to decided something, really think of these rules. If you are uncomfortable in your current situation (like I am with my weight gain), look at #3. I thought about #3 this weekend as I was thinking of new & healthy recipes to make and when I was trying to decide which workouts to do. I know that this last weekend was kinda of a fire-up (attitude adjustment) weekend for the next couple of weeks-and for life really.

As I mentioned in the last Motivational Monday, I entered a DietBet with a couple of friends. Even though I have lost over 2 lbs, I am hungry for more! And not only is the weight loss great, I/we can earn some money by completing the goal. So with that said, lets get at it ladies :)–you know who you are!

So this week, just take some time for yourself and really thing about who you are and where you want to go in life. Life can change at any moment, take charge!

Also: Want to know that the below picture is about? Tune in tomorrow!!


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