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Memorial Day Weekend + Quality Friends/Family Time

Thank you to all service members who made the ultimate
sacrifice to protect our freedom. 

Hello all and welcome back! Linking up with Katie @ Healthy Diva Mom and Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

After being in the military for 6 years, days like Memorial Day have a special place in my heart. I saw this picture posted around Facebook (and other places) and I think that it does a great reminder as what each of the days mean when it comes to service members and their families.

This weekend was a long one and I am so grateful for it! I hope yours was great as well. This post is going to be pretty picture-less as I didn’t get too many but I hope you enjoy anyway!
Thursday – Heading to a girlfriend’s after work. Since Thursday’s are technically my Friday’s, I usually dont hesitate to do something on that night with friends. This night we decided to have a spontaneous girl night to meet and cuddle with our friend’s new baby. He is about 2 months old and is so adorable. It almost makes me want to start having kids (ALMOST guys, calm down). We sat around, had a drink and ate some pizza. It was awesome!
Friday – I started the day by taking Ms. Mya for a walk. She seems to be getting better and better with walking (and not pulling). Then I decided to head out for a little pampering. I got myself a pedicure at a place that just opened up by our place. AND all services were 25% off so I decided to go with the middle option instead of the bottom pedicure option. You guys, it was great. The lady was a great massager and my feet actually felt great afterwords. Sometimes I feel like you leave there and you can’t tell the difference. After that I ran to Wal-mart where I may have spent quite a bit of money. I got a new rug, new curtains, a swiffer (for the new hardwood floors), couple of food items, and a keurig pod holder. I haven’t taken it out yet but I might be able to find something cheaper at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx 🙂 After Wal-Mart I headed to Menards. I am working on a little project in the kitchen that I will share with you all in the future. I give all credit to my mother in law who suggested it in the first place! After that it was heading home, cooking some dinner and then heading out to HOM furniture. We are in the market for a new couch (living room set really) so I suggested we go to HOM to get some inspiration. I honestly think we left with more confusion and options than anything. We’ll get there, eventually.
Saturday – Started with some breakfast (eggs + cottage cheese + shredded cheese = heaven!). Then I went for a 2.2 mile run. There are some trails behind our new house and I decided that I would go out and explore. It is really gorgeous and its hard to even tell that we live in the suburbs sometimes. It reminds me of when we lived in Colorado and we had the trails behind us. So peaceful and beautiful. After that I prepared for my best friend Amy and her pup Hoss to come over. This was going to be a new meeting for Mya but it turns out it was just fine. Actually, Mya wanted to play more than Hoss did! Here is a blurry picture of them trying to play tug of war. Let’s just say that Hoss (left) is quite a bit stronger than Mya (right).

It so nice that Mya is doing better with other dogs. For a while there we didn’t know if she would like other dogs. After some intense play, we decided to head out for some drinks and dinner. We hit up one place just to find out that they do not have a gluten free menu, so we decided to just get a drink there and head somewhere else. We decided to go to Bricks Kitchen and Pub which wasn’t very far. At least 1/2 of their menu was gluten free or gluten free by request which is perfect for Amy (she has Celiac Disease). I got the Elk Burger. It has cherry bbq sauce, bleu cheese and fried shallots and I got the asparagus as the side. I was disappointed in the asparagus as I only got about 7 stalks and they were super thin. I ended up eating some of Bill’s and Amy’s fries because I didn’t feel like I was full. Amy got the Pub Burger and Fries (both gluten free) and Bill got the turkey club. Although the price was a little high, we all felt that the food was really good. I would recommend it!
After that we headed home to have a nightcap and catch up. Honestly, this chick and I could talk FOREVER! 
stolen from Amy’s snapchat

Sunday – Bill and I were finally able to get our downstairs living room put together. And by that I mean the tv on the wall and the couch in its spot. I cant wait to do some much needed netflixing and huluing down there (yes I just made those verbs) After that, we headed to our friend’s house, Toby and Emily. There we having some people over for Memorial Day and we thought Mya would love another play date with their Golden Retriever, Zoe. The food was delicious! After that we headed home for some quality relaxing time.

Monday (extra day off) – Started with Bill heading off to golf with some friends and me and Mya hanging out. Then I decided to tackle the yard and massive itch weeds that we have growing. I sprayed the yard and hoped that it would kill all of the weeds. I am happy to report that most of them looked about dead this morning. Dinner was over at Bill’s cousins house to celebrate a birthday. After some more delicious food and cake, we headed home and were in bed by 8:30pm. Man, does that make us sound old or what?!
Well I think that’s a long enough post for today!
How was your weekend?

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