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Friday Favorites

Welcome back Friday! So glad you could make an appearance!

Today’s favorite is going to be a movie. Weird right?! But Bill and I watched this movie this week and I work up the next morning with such motivation to make better choices. So I figured that I better share it with all of you!

The movie is: Fed Up

It recently came out on Netflix and I knew that I wanted to check it out. This movie is different than other documentaries (in my opinion) that have come out in the last couple of years. The other ones that I have watched talk about the horrors of animal welfare, the fast food industry and things like that. This one talks about changes that the food industry went through in 1977. It talks about sugar and the effects of it and it’s similarities to cocaine. Scary, I know! They also talk about food addiction. 
Many people (including people in my own close circle) don’t believe in it, but I whole heartily do. I have gone through times where all I crave is bad food and then I reward myself. I feel like sh*t afterwards but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I got the food into my body.  That I get that little bit of release of eating that food. Once I start making better choices the urges quiet down and I don’t crave that food as much or when I do eat it, I feel sick. It is a cycle of a battle but this documentary really opened up my mind.
Another favorite that I want to talk about today is my #khspringchallenge girls and trainer, Katy Hearn herself. I have lost motivation so many times and even though my nutrition hasn’t been great, I have been killing it in the gym. These ladies give the energy I need to push through exercises that I have never heard of and become ungodly sore. So thank you ladies for posting your sweaty pictures, your motivation as well as your food. You motivate me more than you know!
Have an amazing weekend!

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