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Friday Favorites

Hello, hello!

I’m sooooo sorry I missed Whisker Wednesday! It has been crazy busy at work (to the point of complete exhaustion) and I totally spaced it! But to make up for it here is a Friday Favorites post!

So the last couple posts have been about products, but today it is going to be about a store. When I first started going to this store years ago, I never really found anything I liked. The clothes are set up in a way that I just do not like (just racks of them that you have to go through) and they were never my style (crop top? NO thank you!). But I do have to say, for the last year or two, I am lucky if I can leave this place without picking up something!

So that store is…..TJ Maxx.<– I mentioned this store in my last post!

If you have never been to a TJ Maxx before, let me tell you now IT CAN BE OVERWHELMING.

So the concept of the store is to get brand name items and sell them for a cheaper price. Granted sometimes you can get these items at other places if they have a great sale going on, but unless you catch the sale, you miss it! So here at TJ Maxx they always have those prices. I have to say that lately I have been finding really good hair and face products.

For example, when I was at one of the stores here in Anoka the other day I noticed a product that I have only ever seen at Sephora-GlamGlow. GlamGlow is a skincare product that helps with a multiple different things. There are a couple of different ones and three of them are the Supermud (white), Thirstymud (green), Youthmud (black). So onto what I saw!

I saw the Youthmud product at TJ Maxx for $39.99 while at Sephora the same thing retails for $69.99. Holy Crap. I did not buy it as I already have multiple items that I want to use up but I was super excited to see that product!

Now TJ Maxx is part of a group of stores. The ones that most people know are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods. Each one has a variety of items but they are set up in pretty much the same way. One thing I should mention is that unfortunately these stores do not offer online shopping. The things that they get are sporadic and are usually not the same as their previous shipment so it would be hard to actually sell things online. I do enjoy spending a little bit of time wandering around seeing what they have.

What do you think of TJ Maxx/ Marshalls/ Homegoods?

What is one of your favorite places to shop for good deals?

So there you go! Have a great weekend and m/ GO BISON!

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