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Friday Favorites

Holy crap guys, I actually got around to writing this post for the second time! I told you I was going to keep up on it 😉

BUT back to the actual reason why you are here. What am I loving this week. I can honestly say that this week, my Eddy Camelbak has been right by my side the whole time. I made a pact to start drinking more water and with this I really have been able to.

I am a straw biter. Yes I admit it, I usually have to bite my straws when I drink or it just feels weird to me. This Camelbak allows me to do this without having to replace it all the time! I have actually tried drinking out of a regular cup and I just hate it without a straw. This probably has something to do with my sensitive teeth as cold water and ice cream really hurt my teeth!

I was able to buy mine at Target. I know that there are a lot of places that you can buy them. Also you should be cleaning your Camelbak.

From the Camelbak website:
         “The Fresh™ Filter in your CamelBak Groove reliably reduces contaminants for 300 refills of the bottle,             or approximately 3 months of use at 3 – 4 full bottles per day (48 gallons / 180 liters).  “

I was able to order a two pack of straws and bite valves on Amazon for about $6. Definitely worth it if you dont want mold growing in your bite valve or anything!

This water bottle takes a little getting used to once you first try it, but I can almost guarantee that because it is so easy to drink out of you will drink more water!!

Do you have one?
Do you like it if you do?
Where did you get yours?

Until next time, have an amazing weekend!

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