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First Trimester Recap

Welcome back everyone! So this may be a bit long, but I promise it will be worth it!

First, thank you for all of the love on our announcement we made! If you missed it, Bill and I are expecting a baby girl on 7/31/2018! Eeeek we are pretty excited already. This will be the first grandchild on Bill’s side and the first granddaughter on my side, so everyone is really looking forward to July! I plan on doing these updates after the trimesters as a whole but may also include some weekly updates. Especially if something big happened or is going on. As always, please feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions!


How far along?

As of 1/23/2018, I am 13 weeks!

How did we find out?

 We actually found out the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Aunt Flo wasn’t due until Thanksgiving but something just pushed at me to take a test. That and the fact that I was having some REALLY crazy dreams, had a bloody nose for the first time in forever and a metallic taste in my mouth. So Sunday morning I got up and took the test. The line was VERY faint but I was so excited I ran into our bedroom and showed Bill. He “couldn’t see it” so I decided to wait until Monday morning and take another test. In total I ended up taking a few more tests than was necessary but I just had to know!

As you can see the lines were pretty faint so I went out and got a more expensive digital test. After the YES+ test, I called my doctor and they scheduled us to come in and take a test the day after Thanksgiving. A little tricky as we were in Oakes, ND which is a good 5 hours from our house in MN. BUT we made it work and it was confirmed! Unfortuately my doctor was no longer an OBGYN so I had to hunt down another place to go. I can honestly say that I found a place that I really like and have chosen to *hopefully* go with a midwife. We are low risk so as of right now, we are clear for whoever we choose.

Do Bruce and Mya know what’s going on?

I didn’t think so until I started to watch both of them closely. Bruce has been OBSESSED with sitting on me lately. I may or may not have to do with my sitting under a heated blanket 😉 Mya on the other hand, she has been right by my feet and has started becoming protective against Bruce. Not quite sure why because Bruce was around first but she will chase him away from me if she is laying by my fee. We are putting a kabosh to that right now. No need for that!


Boy or Girl?

We are having a little girl! You may be wondering how we found out so early. Well we decided to have genetic testing done on me and the baby. Reasoning for this is to prepare for further down the line with pregnancy but as well as after they are born. The tests were simple blood draws and since the blood is combined between me and the baby, they are able to see her chromosomes. And since sex is located in the chromosomes, they were able to see that there was no Y present…so ITS A GIRL! Since the first ultrasound (at 8+2 days) I have had a feeling it was a girl. My gut feelings have been on point lately! 🙂

Any names yet?

We actually don’t have any right now but are starting to look around. Both Bill and I want something unique but not crazy in spelling or pronunciation. I think we are also leaning towards keeping the name between us two. Really because this allows us as a couple to connect with her and have our own little thing with her before she shares her life with the world.



Ooofff…starting around week 6, my nausea kicked in, my chest was sore and I was EXHAUSTED. Oatmeal and carbs was (and still kinda is) the only thing that I could stomach. Figuring out meals and whatnot was really hard as well because nothing sounded good and I really didn’t have the energy to be creative and cook something up. This has started to get better but is still somewhat of a struggle. I am also still struggling with eating too much…if that is even a thing. I LOVE food so it is really nice to be able to eat now but I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Since I didn’t eat a whole lot for about 2 months I just can’t handle a lot of food. So I am trying to get better at reminding myself of this. I also find myself wanting to go to bed around 7:30pm. I would say that I get anywhere between 8-11 hours of sleep at night. It really depends on what was going on that day but 10 hours is a good sweet spot for me!


Now before pregnancy, sleeping was my jam. Probably close to a hobby really. Around week 10, I noticed that getting to sleep was fine, it was staying asleep I was struggling with. Every time I roll over either my abs hurt (like I worked them out brutally the day before and was stretching them) or my boobs hurt. I am still dealing with this at 13 weeks as well. I have also felt this internal shift that my body actually wants to get up early. And believe me, I have never, NEVER been a morning person. Baby girl is already preparing me for the future I guess!

Weight gain/loss:

I am not 100% sure what my weight was exactly before I got pregnant but know what it was about 2 weeks in. Since then, I have actually lost about 4 pounds (according to my scale at home). My midwife says that it is normal and that there is nothing to worry about at this moment. I am sure that as I progress and am able to actually eat good putting on weight will be no problem.


Before all of this, I was doing Crossfit. I have since stopped and have joined a local (more affordable) gym. I know there are plenty of people who do Crossfit while pregnant but I just did not feel comfortable with it. And that is what it is about. About how I feel and what I am comfortable with. I will not lie though, getting to my new gym has been a continuing struggle. With exhaustion and my new job and Bill’s new job. Really I am just making excuses and am hoping that by next week I can get a routine going again. Even if it’s just going and walking or doing the stair stepper to keep active (I also have a hunch that my weight loss above has to do with not lifting as heavy anymore…bye bye muscle 🙁 )

Physical Changes:

I would say that I have a little bit of a bump right now. Really only noticeable to me and maybe Bill. I would say though that between when I wake up and go to bed, my stomach is a lot different! Especially after I eat, she likes to push out a little bit. Here are some pictures I have taken(8 weeks, 11 weeks, 12 weeks, 13 weeks)! Also, random note…I have never really seen my abs until the second/third photo. They are trying really hard to hang on!






Other than that, I am knee deep in research on what we need/want for the little one. I knew there was a lot of stuff out there but I don’t think I realized really how much. I am also scouring for ideas for her nursery. I already have some ideas and am getting excited to get a head start on it!

Thank you for stopping and I will see you next time!


Any suggestions from you? 

Any item that you wish you would have registered for?


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